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The Ganjagrid PVT (Plant Vibration Trainer) is a system for stimulating healthy plant growth via an environmentally friendly structure that enables a symbiotic experience between grower and crop like never before! LEARN MORE

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Shorter/denser plants

Thicker/stronger stalks and branches

Reduced time to harvest

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Environmentally friendly

Dual purpose as drying rack

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Robust yet lightweight


Canopy management or single pot

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Shared experience with your plants

One of a kind bond with nature

Nurturing wellness between body & mind

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Features and Benefits

• Improved plant health for increased yields/cannabinoid content and boosted pest defense
• Smaller plant footprint and reduced time to harvest
• Reduced handling of colas during harvest compared to typical canopy management systems
• Ability to incorporate multiple training techniques
• Canopy management, single pot and single pot with extender models available
• Dual purpose as a drying rack
• Use it throughout your plant’s life including germination, seedling, vegetative and flowering
• Reusable harvest after harvest
• Environmentally friendly compared to typical canopy management systems
• Vibration/sound profiles customized by you… the grower, for a one-of-a-kind experience