Glenn Holland
The Ganjagrid is the 1st model PVT (Plant Vibration Trainer) to be released and produced by our parent company The Human ConneXion. This patent pending device is the brainchild of Glenn Holland and was conceived during chemotherapy treatment for the stage IIIa adenocarcinoma lung cancer that besieged him in 2018. Approximately 6 months into the treatment when the cancer was gone, but the poison was thriving, he had an epiphany… to evolve the agricultural industry by pioneering an alliance between plants and humans.
Glenn shared this with his wife Sandra and together, they began a journey to holistic wellness unsurpassed by anything that besieged them in their past. 2 years later that journey has evolved into a movement that they want to share with the world.
The Ganjagrid PVT is only the tip of The Human Connexion’s iceberg. Together, we can synergistically enhance the evolution of this planet. Join us!